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Design Review Call ]

Step Three

I have reviewed the design plan and deliverables and am ready to discuss with my designer

  • The design review call is your chance to tell us what you thought of our plan for your room

  • The designer will lead the call and ask your overall thoughts

  • We will go through the design plan line-by-line to bring attention to specific details and why we chose these items for you

  • Your designer will be listening for your feedback 

To best prepare for the design review call:

  • Have the design plan, inspiration board and scaled floor plan in front of you for this call. It's best to have it printed for quick notes or open on a laptop.

  • Make a list of questions in order of the design plan so we can address them as we reach the specific item. 

Feedback Suggestions :

  • As helpful as it may be, I can't read your mind

  • You have permission to tell me if you don't like something. In fact-Please do!!! 

  • If you're unsure of something, try to rate it on a scale of 1-10. 

  • If you absolutely love something, I'd love to know this too. :) 

  • Be descriptive! What drew you to an item? Did something in the design plan provoke an emotion? Tell me about it so I can better understand where you are coming from and how you would like to move forward. 

45-60 Minutes
Included in full service deisgn
*The Design Review Call is by phone or Zoom. Video is included with this service for screen sharing and easy reference. 
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