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[Frequently asked questions]

Bethany Kuhnau | Studio Home by Bethany
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Who ] are you?

Hello, I'm Bethany Kuhnau and I am the owner, founder and lead designer of Studio Home! Thank you for your interest in my company. I hope you are enjoying what you see. If you have any questions that have not been answered here, please reach out!

You can read more about me, personally, in the about section.

What ] do you do?

Home design! What does that mean, exactly?

It means that if you have a plot of land, I can help you draw up custom floor plans based on your lifestyle and needs. We can help design every inch and can furnish it too!

If you're not ready to start from scratch, we help with remodels, renovations and refreshes as well.

I play with ideas and find the blindspots. Research, inspire, create, imagine, draw, etc.

I'll ask you about your lifestyle and create the best new design for the project based on your needs.  

When ] are you available?

Typically my calendar is booked out two weeks in advance. It's easy to schedule! Click the links to my calendar to find a time that is best for you and I'll show up ready to go!

Where ] do we meet?

We meet where the work is taking place. If this is your first meeting with me, it's usually at your home. If we are already working together, we may meet in a showroom for material selections and custom furnishings.

Why ] should i choose you?

Great question!


Redesigning your home is a big investment and by hiring me, you are getting a hand to hold and guide you through the process with a sense of humor and an [eye for detail].

You should choose me if you want to [level up] your space and wander outside of the proverbial box. I'll help identify your style and work with you to achieve your design goals.

You should choose me if you want to rework your space to fit both [form] and [function]. I understand that you actually want to live in your home and enjoy it too.

You should choose me because [I listen] to your needs and curate a design that is best for you based on our conversations.

How ] long does the process take?

The initial meetings range from 1-4 hours depending on the scope of the project. 

Design plans take about 8 weeks to be returned to you by email.


Revision process depends on how close we come on the first try, and tweak until we land on the best configuration.  Depending on the project type, plan for about two weeks, hopefully sooner. 

Custom furnishings could take between 8-16 weeks to be delivered. Due to inclement weather and things beyond our control, such as COVID, we have seen some custom furnishings have lead times up to 26 weeks. 

Construction projects could be as small as an accent wall done in a day, or a new construction home, 4 moths up to a year. 

Custom home design is an art that is crafted from the thoughtful attention to function, lifestyle, opportunity, architecture, materials, trends and style. No two homes are the same and the design process will reflect that.  


A la Carte Services: Meetings for hourly consults last for the time you have scheduled. If you would like to schedule additional consultations, we are happy to oblige! 

Interior Design: After the initial consultation, we will have selected the design service for your space. The design process takes about 8 weeks. Once we talk through the design, revisions may take two weeks. Once all items have been ordered, we typically wait until all items have arrived and have been inspected to schedule a delivery. Delivery times are subject to change based on the items we have selected, where they are coming from, and if there are any delays such as COVID-19 or other natural disasters to work around. 

Renovations: After the initial consultation, we have selected the design package for your space. The design process takes about 8 weeks. Once we talk through the design, revisions may take two weeks per revision. Selection meetings for finishes range between one and four hours, depending on the selection and amount of detail needed. The renovation process depends on the scope of your project, and we can discuss more in depth with the contractor as well. 

*Business days are defined as M-F and do not include any federal holidays or published closings. 

**It's important to remember that high quality custom work is a long process, but worth the wait!

How ] did you come up with the name?

While I was in architecture school, every student was assigned their own personal desk within the architecture building that we had access to 24/7, in the studios. This was my favorite place to create, make and design. We had open workspaces and we constantly were learning from each other and bouncing ideas off of each other to make our projects better. This was an open and collaborative space that pushed us to the next level in a creative environment. 

With this company, I wanted to bring that element back into the day-to-day, and work with my clients on their home. As the team grows, this will be a collaborative space to bounce ideas off of each other and enhance each project in a highly custom and personal way. Each design is tailored towards the homeowner and their lifestyle. 

I also wanted to take a step or two beyond the furnishings of interior design, and take every square inch and every surface into consideration in terms of the architecture and feel of the new space to maximize function and look good in the end result. 

Do you [  come to me ] ?

Your home is the best place to get started to see and feel the space and talk through the design objectives. We are located in Wake Forest, North Carolina and travel throughout Raleigh, Cary, Apex, Durham, and beyond.


We are happy to travel to you for a consultation. If you live outside of the listed areas, please contact us for more information. Travel fees may apply. 

Do you travel [ outside of]  wake forest?

I do! For initial consults outside of the triangle area there is a small travel fee, pending location. 

I'm happy to travel locally to Raleigh, Apex, Cary, Knightdale, Franklinton, and surrounding areas. 

Selection meetings will occur at the location specified by your designer. 

Where ] do you source from?

We source from a variety of vendors, including several designer only sources.  It's kind of a perk to working with a designer. 😉

Several factors go into sourcing: style, budget, special requests, customization, availability, and personal touches. We do our best to find the best product based on our conversations and trajectory of the space we are designing

do we need to start From Scratch ]?

Our flat fee services have already accounted for incorporating existing furnishings into the new design. 

We will talk thoroughly about the scope of the project prior to beginning the design plans and long before they are delivered. 

That said, it is best to approach the room with the end game in mind. If we have a family heirloom, a custom piece of art with deep, sentimental value, I'm happy to help bring those elements into the room.


If we are talking about a piece of furniture from college years that may not be in the best shape, we can talk about relocation. 

Flat Fee ] services per room:

Yep! We have broken down the concepts to general descriptions of items that are typically in the generally stated room. The scope may vary depending on homeowners intentions and use. The pricing reflects the overall design of the room, all things considered. 

Check out our services here. 

Room Definition ] :

We define one room to be any space that is clearly defined by the layout of the home. Example: A living room is separate from a breakfast area, is separate from the kitchen

If we are designing a bonus room and it has multiple uses within the same space, we will go with the most appropriate room suggestion as no two homes are alike. 

Installers, Contractors + Trades ] :

If you're not sure who to hire or where to begin, we will recommend some of our favorite contacts to you.

We have referrals for all types of installers and trades people to implement your design to completion.  

You will hire and pay your contractor directly. 


Payments ] :

We accept most major credit cards, check and cash. 

Hourly or a la carte consult fees are due the day of the meeting. 

Design fee estimates are sent shortly after the consult and once you approve, we will send an invoice to get started. 

Once the payment for the design plans are received, we will add you to our design calendar! 

Buying a House

Purchasing ] :

Once your design plans are complete, we will send you a quote via email for all of the items you requested. Simply tell your designer which items you would like to order and we will send you an invoice via email, which can be paid securely online. 


We will never charge you for anything without your knowledge and approval.

We do not store your credit card information. 

We suggest that if you love something from your proposal, you purchase it in a timely manner before it is no longer available, or available at the quoted price.*


Photography ] :

Once your project is complete and the furnishings are installed, accent walls are up, and the shelves are staged, we request the opportunity to photograph the project so we can show our work in the gallery. 

We never share any personal information and only post before photos with your permission. 

As always, we love working with you and greatly appreciate the invitation to help you with your home. 

Let's get started! 

Neat Waiting Room

I'm not ready yet ] Can I book now? 

If you aren't ready to book the in-home consult with us yet, but you know you want to work with us in a few months, we would love to work with you at that time! 

You can book a consultation with us up to 6 months from now. If you need to reschedule later on, that is always an option as well. 

Thank you so much! We look forward to working with you! 

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