CEO | Designer


Hi! I'm Bethany, the founder, CEO and lead designer. 


I'm not your typical designer.  I studied architecture at UNC Charlotte and my specialty is purposeful design with personality and putting the FUN in function. I'm a creative person in every sense of the word. I think about the wasted spaces and being intentional about every square inch--the blindspots. I strive to be bold and practical in my designs. 

I have an appreciation for all of the styles, but more importantly, yours. My goal is to think outside of the box with fresh ideas. No two houses are alike. You can purchase a spec home, but how that house is personalized is what makes it special, unique, and yours. That's where I come in! 

     [architectural details] + [space planning] + [functionality]

These are the foundations of every design plan before styles and personalities are applied. The secret sauce! What makes the most sense for your lifestyle, better than it was before, and more intentionally, aesthetically pleasing. 

Since childhood I have been crafting, drawing, painting, and sewing. In high school I owned a small photography company. In college I became a custom framing specialist for two years and a stained glass artisan, hand cutting and beveling glass for high end windows and doors in South Charlotte. Upon graduation I interned for Hale Architecture in Wake Forest while starting AlliBeth Interior Design with my sister. Now, Studio Home brings all of my background experiences together to help set the framework for the best lifestyle in your home! 

My personal style is a combination of modern industrial with a splash of old world and vintage items. I love personal touches that express fun tidbits about myself or my clients projects. I love hidden features that make something feel like a gift that keeps on giving! (Ask me about space under the stairs for practical ideas.) Wood tones, greenery, color, texture and character through architecture and decor are my favorite key ingredients to create an authentic and comprehensive look.


I LOVE movies. Not purely for the sake of entertainment, but for the meaningful stories that are told. I might make a movie reference to convey an expression or idea that reminded me of something within the scope of our conversations, so be prepared. 

I was born in England and moved to North Carolina when I was two years old, so no (unfortunately) I don't have an accent...but I can fake a fairly decent one.  


 Bethany is an active member of the Alliance of Interior Designers, and earned her Bachelor of Arts in Architecture from UNC Charlotte.