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Student Intern | WFCRA

Cori is a high school student intern at AlliBeth through AlliBeth's partnership with the Wake Forest Career Readiness Academy. She is self-motivated, creative, and is always willing to be a helping hand. In school, she is dedicated to her AP classes, clubs, and varsity sports. While she is not on the field or in school, Cori likes to spend her free time with friends, relaxing at the beach, or lifeguarding at the pool. She is very interested in the design field and architecture since she was exposed to it as a child. In the future, Cori plans to attend a four-year university and major in chemistry while implementing design aspects to her major. She is looking forward to learning about the industry, professionalism, working in an office setting, and having a creative outlet. While interning at AlliBeth, Cori is focusing on marketing, shadowing client visits, and learning about all interior design aspects. 

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