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New Construction

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If you are thinking about building a custom home and would like custom designer assistance selecting finishes for the new home, this service is for you. 

S​tep one:

First, please schedule a Discovery Call to get the process started. 

S​tep two:

Then, we will plan an In-Home Consultation to discuss the new home in depth. We will talk about space planning, functionality, lifestyle, and the basics such as square feet, levels, beds and bath quantities, location, etc. This initial meeting will most likely be between 1 and 2 hours as we will also begin with quick sketches of the locations of the home to get started. 

step three: 

Then, we will begin the design process! At this time, Bethany and the team will take all of the information gathered from the previous consultations and create a custom design tailored to your goal. 


[Design Plan]

- Line by line, detailed presentation of the items that go into the room

- Interior Elevations (As needed) 

- Paint color selection, windows, doors (As needed) 

- 3D Renderings of proposed space

[Inspiration Board]

- One page, big picture presentation of the items in the design plan

[Scaled Floor Plan]

- Existing Floor Plan

- Proposed Floor Plan Layout with fixtures to scale

- Tile layout drawings to scale for installers (As needed)

[Interactive Visuals]

- 3D Video Walkthrough of new space (As needed)

- 3D Manual Walkthrough of new space (As needed)

[In-Person Meetings]

- Cabinetry selection meeting

- Tile selection meeting

- Countertop selection meeting

- Flooring selection meeting

- Paint color selection meeting 

- Complimentary samples when needed

- Designer site visits throughout construction

- Contractor referrals and collaboration during construction until project is complete

- & More! 

[Design Review Call]

Scheduled upon receipt of design plans

- Line-by-line review of the design plan with the designer

- Revisions (As needed) 

- To prepare for this call, find some helpful tips here

design components: 

[Architectural Features ]

- Arches

- Faux beams

- Crown Moulding

- Niches

- Corbels

- Feature Wall

- Built-Ins

[Furnishings ]

- Window Treatments 

[Finishes ]  

- Cabinets

- Knobs & Pulls

- Countertops

- Tile

- Flooring

- Paint

- Sink & Shower Faucets

- Floor Stain

- & More!

[Lighting ]

- Main Overhead Lighting

- Recess Lighting

- Sconce Lighting

- Flush Mount Lighting in adjacent hall areas

- Cove Lighting (Tray Ceiling)

- Spotlighting

Under Mount Lighting

- Backlit Mirror Lighting

- Backlit Bookshelf Lighting

- Pendant  Lighting

- & More!

Step Four: 

Once all selections are made and designs are approved, we will begin applying the design plan by purchasing the items and collecting for install. Most contractors are now requiring all fixtures and appliances purchased or on site due to construction and industry wide delays/shortages. 

Refinishing floors and painting will also need to be completed before any major furnishings are placed in the room to protect the items from damage and excessive movement. 

Once the CO (certificate of occupancy) has been received, we will schedule a day to deliver the furnishings and stage the room for the "WOW" factor. 

*Due to supply chain issues and delays, some items will take longer to arrive than others. When this happens, we will evaluate the timelines and plan accordingly. 

Step Five: 

To prepare for the photo shoot, we may bring in additional items to place finishing touches. We will likely need to prep for staging before the photographer arrives.  

On the day of the photo shoot, the photographer and the designer will work through several full room shots from different angles and close-up shots of areas throughout the room. We would love to publish these photos on our website and marketing materials to show off our work! 

Welcome to your new custom home design by Bethany! 

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