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If you are thinking about building a custom home and would like custom designer assistance selecting finishes for the new home, this service is for you. 

S​tep one:

First, please schedule a Discovery Call to get the process started. 

S​tep two:

Then, we will plan an In-Home Consultation to discuss the new home in depth. We will talk about space planning, functionality, lifestyle, and the basics such as square feet, levels, beds and bath quantities, location, etc. This initial meeting will most likely be between 1 and 2 hours as we will also begin with quick sketches of the locations of the home to get started. 

S​tep three:

Then, we will begin the design process. Space planning will be a very black and white level to get the home organized to best fit the variables mentioned above. Once we have the layout of the spaces nailed down, then we can begin to fill in the blank spaces and begin selecting finishes. 

We will need to make a trip to visit the site to discuss details specific to the lot and location of the home on the land before the design process takes off.


- Proposed Interiors Plan (finishes) 

- 2hr  Tile selection meeting 

- 2hr Cabinetry selection meeting (if existing cabinets cannot be matched exactly) 

- 2hr Countertop selection meeting

- 1hr Flooring selection meeting

- Paint color selection, windows, doors, (as needed) 

- Concept board for light fixtures, hardware, and misc items

- 3D Renderings of proposed spaces

- 3D Video Walkthrough of new kitchen

- 3D Manual Walkthrough of new kitchen

- Tile layout drawings to scale for installers (as needed)

- One in home revision meeting as needed 

- Complimentary samples when needed

- Designer site visits throughout construction

- Project management software access

- Trade contacts and collaboration during construction until project is complete

Design Components:

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